The Roles of the Royal Court: Two Lady Chefs in the Thai Royal Court that Influenced Thai Gastronomic Culture

Waraporn Chiwachaisak

Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University



This study is an attempt to explore the role of two lady chefs who were most memorable in Thai food heritage, namely Lady Vichy in the Ayutthaya period and Taxpaying Plain Pasakoravong in the Ratanakosin Period. These two ladies were wives of prominent royal court officials.


Lady Vichy was famous for her exquisite sweets. She was the first chef who introduced the use of eggs in Thai sweets, which were originally based on sugar and flour only. Thanpuying Plein was a new–fashion lady of her time. She started the writing of recipes in the western style by using western measurements for the ingredients.


Therefore, these two lady chefs are much admired for their significant role in creating a Thai food heritage that has withstood up until the present time.



(Presented in the International Conference – Thai Food Heritage: Local to Global, 4-6 August 2009, Tawana Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, organized by The Project of Empowering Network for International Thai Studies (ENITS), Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University with support from the Thailand Research Fund (TRF))