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The Empowering Network for International Thai and ASEAN Studies : ENITAS







A scholarship program to support research conducted in the field of Thai and ASEAN studies. The objective is to enhance cross-cultural research in order to build a body of knowledge for understanding and uniting people in the ASEAN region. Another goal is to develop international Thai-ASEAN academic networks, especially among young scholars and experts, in order to share, learn and develop research for the dynamic Thai and ASEAN community.





100,000 Baht 


Applicants can be scholars, researchers, or graduate students, both Thai and non-Thai. 





Recipients are required to submit an original unpublished research paper related related to a comparative study of ASEAN studies with Thai-Tai Studies and give an oral presentation in Thailand. The Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University reserves the right to publish or disseminate the research papers.

ENITAS Application

Application Timeline


Month Activity
October – March   Open for application
April Peer review
May Recipient selection and award announcement
June – July Paper presentation and paper revision
August Revised full-paper submission


Application Materials


(1) Application form (download : PDF / word)


(2) For Thais, a copy of identification card. For others, a copy of passport (the page with your photo on).

(3) A reference letter from your faculty advisor or the senior head of your research project.

(4) A copy of your transcript.

(5) A full paper of original research work related to a comparative study of ASEAN studies with Thai-Tai Studies.


Contact Address


ENITAS Scholarship Project

Institute of Thai Studies
Chulalongkorn University
9th Floor

Prajadhipok Rambhai Barni Bldg.
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330



More Information


Natdanai Iamwattanaseree


Tel : (662) 218-7492, (662) 218-7495
Email :

ENITS & ENITAS Scholarship 2019 are available.



For Application forms, please check the attached files below;


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Recipients of ENITAS 2018




Research Topic

Bhadravarna Bongsasilp


University of Birmingham

Religious Heritage and Tourism in Bangkok : Use and Survival in an Urban Context

Gil D. Turingan


University of the Philipines, Diliman

Social Movements And Monuments :The “Democracy” in the Democracy Monument of Thailand and the “People Power” in the People Power Monument of the Philippines

Mohammad Hasan Ansori


State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah

Examining the Practices and Policies of Malaysia and Thailand in Managing Refugee Crisis

Tamala Boonyakarn


Srinakharinwirot University

Borderland Experiences and Identities of Persons with Disabilities along the Thai border with Myanmar and Beyond

Tejendra Pherali


UCL Institute of Education, UCL

Social justice, education and Peacebuilding : A comparative Analysis of Educational Inequalities in Cambodia and Thailand

Tu Cam Tran


Chulalongkorn University

 Vietnam from the Poetic Perspective of Naowarat Pongpaiboon in “Khian phaendin Suwannaphum Vietnam”

Ying-kit Chan


Princeton University

Chineseness, Migration, and Diplomacy : Singapore Ambassadors to Thailand during Lee Kuan Yew’s Premiership (1965-1990)

Recipients of ENITAS 2017




Research Topic

Aaron Abel Tolentino Mallari


University of the Philippines, Diliman

Death Penalty in the Philippines and Southeast Asia : Appraising Historical Currents and Contexts

Buabucha Bunnag


Waseda University

Thailand-Singapore Counter Islamic-Terrorism Policy :

Social, Geopolitics, Challenges, and International Contributions

Iim Halimatusadiyah


Iowa State University

Does Decentralization Reduce Maternal Mortality? Evidence from Southeast Asia

Martin Lassak


University of Bonn

Comparative Perspectives on Mobilization : Mass Protest in Thailand and the Philippines According to the Contentious Politics Model

Neeranooch Malangpoo


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thai Buddhist Tourism in Myanmar : Buddhist Leisure and Impact on Contemporary Thai Nationalism

Nicolas Revire


Thammasat University

Past and Future Buddhas : Their Historical Significance in Mainland Southeast Asia

Nur Widiyanto


Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Placing Identity on the Market : Tourism and Indigenous Community Revivalism in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

Songsiri Putthongchai


Thammasat University

Political Secularism and Islamic Representatives in Singapore and Thailand

Anak Agung Lindwati Kencana


Chulalongkorn University

A Comparative Study of the Thai Khon and Indonesian Yogyakarta Wayang Wong : The Trans-formation of Classical Dance Drama in the Political and Social changes

Thanapas Dejpawuttikul


Waseda University

The Transmission of Historical Knowledge between Colonial Burma and Siam, Late 19th Century to 1940s

Mohammad Rokib


Gadjah Mada University

Cyberpoets : Perception of Thai and Indonesian Prominent Poets on the Internet

Jayson D. Petras


University of the Philippines

A Home in a Foreign Land : “Philippine-ness” in the Misang Tagalog sa Bangkok (Tagalog Catholic Mass in Bangkok) Community

Recipients of ENITAS 2016




Research Topic

Iqra Anugrah


Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education, and Information (LP3ES)

Elite-Peasant Relations in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia : Decentralization, Dispossession, and Countermovement

Ruji Auethavornpipat


Australian National University

Assessing Regional Cooperation : ASEAN States, Migrant Worker Rights and Norms Socialization in Southeast Asia

Phacharaphorn Phanomvan Na Ayudhaya


University of Oxford

A New Economic Geography Approach to Archaeology in Early Southeast Asian Settlements : Does Nautical Access Matter?

Hoang Thi My Nhi


Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

The Japanese town in Southeast Asia in the 17th : A Comparison Study in Hoi An (Dang Trong) and Ayadha (Siam)

Pradana Boy Zulian


University of Muhammadiyah, Malang

Knowledge for Peace : Thai Muslim Students in Indonesia’s and Their Role in Enhancing peace in Southern Thailand

Bina Gandhi Deori


Visva-Bharati University

The Tai-Khamti of Arunachal Pradesh, India : A Study of the Shan Connection of S.E. Asia

Li Siying


Institute of Ethnic Literature, China

A Comparison of Origin and Creation Myths of Tai Ethnic Groups and its Belief System

Arthur Macaraig Navarro


Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific (FERCAP)

The Challenge of Writing Histories of Filipino-Thai Relations : Towards a National/People’s Discourse in the Philippines on Historical Intercultural/International Studies

Ladawan Khaikham


Australian National University

Citizenship and the Right to Stay : the Case of Stateless Youths along the Thailand – Myanmar Border

Sawit Prasertphan


Chiangmai University

The Photographic Situation : Relationships of Migrant Communities in Chiang Mai to Photographic Events

Mary Dorothy De Lara Jose


University of the Philippines, Diliman

A Tale of Two Southeast Asian Women Writers : A Comparative Study of the Life Histories and Contributions of M.L. Boonlua Debyasuvarn (1911-1982) and Patricia Melendrez-Cruz (1938-1993)

Byung Chu Dredge Kang


University of California, San Diego

Tom or Gay-Sao? Korpanese Popular Culture and the Convergence of Soft Masculine Aesthetics in Thai Queer Youth Cultures

Recipients of ENITAS 2015




Research Topic

Chatuporn Petchaboon


Chulalongkorn University

Dana Dhamma Tradition of Tai Diaspora in Thailand : The Selection of the Donated Scriptures and the Role of the Tradition

Adonis Ramy Lm Elumbre


University of Malaya

Towards a Historiography of ASEAN Studies

Natthanai Prasannam


University of St Andrews

Mnemonic : Memory of World War II on the Thai Screen and its Relationship to Other Cultural Texts

Jung-Hsiu Liu


National Chi Nan University

Without money, what do they bring back to their homeland? : The Social Remittances of Thai Migrant Workers in Taiwan

Poonnatree Jiaviriyaboonya


The Australian National University

Khmer Way of Seeing and Being Life-Experiences of Fortune-Tellers and Their Client in Cambodia

Eunji Won


Northern llinois University

Institutional Origins of State-Religion Relations and Its Transformation in Indonesia and Thailand

Suddhinan Sri-on


Mahasarakham niversity

Bodhisattva in Isan Folk Jakata and the Religions in the Mekong River Basin

Vipas Prachyaporn


Harvard Univesity

“Making Persons” in Late Socialism : An Anthropological Study of Discursive Formations of the Personal in Contemporary Lao PDR

Carl Ornido Dellomos


University of Caloocan City

Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies in Pregnancy Related Concerns among Women : Implications to Southeast Asia’s Culture of ICT Use for Health

Kunyi Zou


National University of Singapore

Visualizing the Nation : Nanyang Artists and the Cultural Formation of a Nation

Recipients of ENITAS 2014




Research Topic

Andy Chang


University of California, Berkeley

Accommodating Globalization : Industrial Development in Post-Crisis Indonesia

Manuel Victor Jamias Sapitula


University of the Philippines, Diliman

Grounding Buddhist Meditation : An Exploration of Philippines ‘Cultural Logic’ in Understanding an Emerging Practice

Rosalia Genovese


University of London

The Plain of Jars of Laos – Beyond Borders

Angelie Escote Marilla


National Historical of the Philippines

Reading Colonial Visuality : A History Depicted in Esteban Villanueva’s Basi Revolt Painting

Ryan Connor Wolfson-Ford


University Wisconsin-Madison

Bangkok and Luang Prabang : the Untold Story of a 19th Century "Friendship"

Charn Panarut


University of Sydney

The Modern Sport, Football, and the Constructed Identities under the king Rama V’s Era

Tran Cam Tu


Hanoi University

Situation of Thai Language at Vietnam’s University

Kathryn Ruth Stam


State of New York Institute of Technology

The Content and Meaning of Northeast Thai Memorial Books in Contemporary Life

Elvin Ong Jiayun


Emory University, Atlanta

Meeting the People :  Socialization and Everyday Performance in Authoritarian Singapore

Preeyarat Chowalitprapan


Thaksin University

Presistence of Nora Rong Khru Ritual : Its Role in the Context of Ban Plairamai, Khedah, Malaysia

Suchandra Ghosh


University of Culcutta

Early India’s Interaction with Peninsular Thailand : Understanding the Socio Religious Milieu Through Archaeological Lens

Darcie Ann DeAngelo


McGill University

The Power Cyborg : Touching the Human among Landmines in Cambodia

Veronica Walker


University of Oxford

A Critical Analysis of the Nautical Bas-relief in the South-East Corner Pavilion of the Bayon Temple

Abhirada Komoot


Silpakorn University

Traditional Practices and Law : Recognising Legal Multiplicity to Bridge the Gap of ASEAN Heritage Protection : Case study Indonesia

Pat Kotchapakdee


Khon Kaen University

Thai Influence on the Lao Pop Music Industry : History, Repercussions and the Future